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Good Job!

Don’t you love getting a pat on the back? It’s so satisfying to know you’re doing a good job. Here at VanVleet Insurance Agency we have to admit, we love it too. Typically, our clients don’t see us on their good days: it’s on the days when cars wind up totaled, roofs...

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Something Old, Something New

Modern cars can be wonderful, but there's something about a classic that makes them timelessly beautiful. Take the Model T, for instance. It was one of the first cars ever mass-produced, but its distinctive high carriage, convertible roof and endearing headlights...

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ERIE Insurance Did It Again

  Champion-one of only 50 companies in the U.S. to earn the distinction this year, and the second year in a row that ERIE was named to the elite list. To qualify for inclusion, companies must excel within their own industry and also stand out among leading brands...

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Our Commitment to Service

Do you trust your insurance agent? Maybe you’ve never thought about it, but that relationship between you and your agent is pretty important. Your insurance agent’s job is to protect you and your family, and that’s a big responsibility. Do you know your agent’s name,...

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Do You Understand Your Policy?

A meteor hits your home. Are you covered? You hit a deer with your car. Covered? While we’re always here to help walk you through the intricacies of your ERIE policy, here are some basic rules of thumb about home and auto coverage. Specifics depend on your policy, and...

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