Distracted Driving Isn’t Just About Texting

by | Jan 5, 2012

Accident While Texting and DrivingThere’s a lot of buzz right now about how dangerous texting while driving is. And make no mistake—it’s very dangerous to text while driving. But it’s easy to lose sight of another distracting danger: talking on the phone while driving.

Most of us do it every now and again, making a quick call on the road to ask your spouse to pick up milk or remind the kids to do their homework. But according to a study from the University of Utah, those quick calls can have big repercussions.

Drivers who talk on the phone while driving are 18 percent slower than non-distracted drivers when responding to brake lights—and that can cause big problems on the road. Cell phone- distracted driving causes 330,000 injuries– and 2,600 deaths — every year.

So hang up that phone while you’re on the road, or pull over to make a quick call. You’ll make the road a much safer place to be.

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