Mar 20

When It Rains, It Pours!

We’ve all seen pictures of houses with water up to their rooftops, and cars floating serenely down a street that looks more like a river. Floods are a major force to be reckoned with and can have catastrophic effects on your car and your home. In the case of homeowner’s insurance, you are probably not […]

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Mar 16

An Unexpected Guest

One day, you’re casually eating breakfast when a tree limb from that big oak tree outside decides to join you in the dining room leaving you with a lot of damage and a big mess. What do you do now? Your first call should be to your ERIE Agent. Not only does this let us […]

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Mar 14

Award-Winning Car Insurance

You probably come to a full halt at stop signs, always use your turn signals and never speed through a yellow light. But even the best drivers all have one thing in common: we’re all human, and humans make mistakes. Maybe you forgot to look both ways before making that right turn on red, or […]

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Mar 13

Do I Qualify for ERIE Rate Lock?

Predictability. It’s about being stable, steady and unchanging. Some might consider it boring, but when you’re paying your bills, predictability can be a very nice thing. That’s exactly what Erie Insurance’s Rate LockSM program does: gives you predictability and peace of mind by not raising your car insurance rates, even if you have car accidents […]

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Mar 10

How can I protect my house from a fire?

Fire is man’s oldest ally — and our oldest enemy. We use it for cooking, for warmth, for electricity and light, but sometimes, it can turn on us. More than 3,500 Americans die every year in house fires, and more than 18,000 are injured. Take the time to protect your family and your home from […]

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Mar 05

Doing the Right Thing: ERIE Rate Lock

You probably already know that many insurance companies boost your rate for getting into accidents. But did you know that traffic tickets can raise your rates, too? Late to work one day and have a bit of lead foot? Rate increase. Miss the speed limit sign? Rate increase. Forget to signal at a light? Rate […]

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Feb 10

Driver’s Ed Isn’t Just Kids’ Stuff

When you think of driver’s education, do you remember sitting in a school desk watching videos of car crashes and listening to the teacher talk endlessly about brake fluid? Believe it or not, driver’s ed can be extremely useful—and keep you safe on the road. In fact, we think driver’s ed is so important that […]

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Feb 06

What’s Your Deductible?

We have insurance to protect us from the bad events in life.  At some point, we decide on how much “skin we want in the game”- the deductible. The choice of deductibles of $100 vs. $1000 all comes down to the odds of experiencing a loss.  The first cardinal rule is don’t have a deductible that you can’t […]

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Jan 20

Quiet Strength

A lot of people haven’t heard of Erie Insurance. Maybe you haven’t, either. We’re okay with that. We’re not into bragging or boasting or shouting our name from the rooftops. We’d rather spend our time and money making sure you get seriously good insurance, and above all, service. While you might not know our name, […]

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Jan 20

Seriously Good Insurance

You gotta love the Super Bowl. Not only do you get the gridiron excitement of football, you also get the best commercials the year has to offer. There are funny ones advertising beer and snack foods, touching ones that remind us of our childhood, and of course insurance ads. Turn your TV to any channel, […]

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