Umbrellas Aren’t Just For Spring Showers

by | Apr 1, 2021

Umbrellas aren’t just to shield you from the rain, in insurance they can shield you from financial devastation.   Protect your assets and future assets in an inexpensive way.


Thankfully these customers had an umbrella in place at the time of their accident.   These are real life examples of when an umbrella has come into play.


  • A teen daughter was riding in her boyfriend’s car. Boyfriend’s car was hit on the passenger side while entering an intersection.  He had the right of way.  Girlfriend suffered severe facial injuries which required multiple surgeries. Other party had $100,000 bodily injury limits. A claim was then filed against boyfriends parents personal auto and umbrella for underinsured motorists liability.


  • An insured ran a red light, hitting another vehicle causing serious injury to the other driver, he was a surgeon.  The surgeon was unable to continue his job and sued the insured.  The insured’s auto policy responds and paid the limits on the policy, then the umbrella kicked in to cover the rest.


If you were sued in a situation like this would you have the $1,000,000 to cover it out of pocket?     At VanVleet Insurance we want to make sure our clients protect themselves and their families as best as possible.  Give us a call at 765-935-5655  today!