What Do I Do After an Accident?

by | Apr 20, 2012

The screech of tires. The shriek of brakes. The tinkle of broken glass. These aren’t sounds that anyone wants to hear, but car accidents are part of modern life.  How you react after an accident can make the process of getting back on your feet a lot easier. So keep calm and start picking up the pieces. Here’s a checklist to keep in mind:

Get out of the way–: If the accident happened in the middle of the street, move to the shoulder or another safe location to check the extent of damages.

Check for injuries: Are you okay? Your passengers? The people in the other car? Safety should be your number one priority. If you’re in doubt, call 911.

Call the police if necessary: If there are injuries, extensive damage, property damage, or you need help moving your cars out of the roadway, call the police. Afterward, make sure you get a copy of their report.

Exchange insurance information: So you can make a claim, make sure you get the other driver’s name, phone number, address, license plate number, make, model and year of the vehicle, and insurance number. No need to discuss who’s at fault in the accident. The claims investigation will clear that up.

Document: Take careful note of the scene. If you have a smart phone or camera with you, pictures can be a huge help. If there are witnesses, don’t interview them yourself—just get their name and number.

Call your Agent: Call us any time, and we’ll get the ball rolling on your claim right away.


And that’s it—we’ll take it from here. By keeping a cool head and following these simple steps, you’ll have a great foundation to a quick, painless claim. Have other questions about what to do after an accident? We’re always here to help.