You’re the Boss

by | Jan 14, 2012

Does your insurance company remember that they work for you—not the other way around? Some insurance companies can be downright bossy, forcing you to jump through hoops to file claims and slapping you with big rate hikes when you get into even the smallest of fender benders.

But at Erie Insurance, we think a little differently. We’re here to serve you—not to punish you, not to boss you around. At VanVleet Insurance Agency, we follow the principle of Erie Insurance Founder H.O. Hirt: ERIE is Above all in SERvIcESM. That means making it easy for you to file claims with personalized service from your Agent, and having a little human compassion when you have an accident.

We offer first accident forgiveness, so regardless of your policy, you won’t suffer a rate hike on your first crash. You can also choose to enroll in ERIE Rate LockSM, so you’ll never suffer a rate hike as a result of accidents or crashes—no matter how many.

We’re here to help you, not the other way around. If you’re not being served by your current insurance agent, call us today and let’s talk about how we can change that.