by | Sep 14, 2021

Our Group Health/Employee Benefits team have received several questions regarding the best system to implement the pending ETS from the Department of Labor/OSHA. The pending ETS would require all employees of businesses with 100+ employees to be
vaccinated or perform weekly testing on those not vaccinated.

White House Current Stance

The PHIA Group Summary

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Weekly Testing: We have a number of employers who have expressed a desire to have someone be on-site and do the required weekly testing. We have reached out to a local pharmacy that will be providing this service. Flyer coming soon!

Vaccinations On-Site: From our understanding the vast majority of County Health Departments are willing to perform vaccinations on-site.

Vaccination Tracking: We know that a number of employers are concerned on how to track the weekly testing and vaccine status of all their employees. EASE has a couple of easy ways to do this and we will be glad to share!