Happy St. Patrick’s Day

by | Mar 17, 2021

We are blessed to have so many happy clients! Thank you for trusting our team with your insurance needs!

Brad is awesome! My insurance was lowered $100 in less than a year!Brittnie M., customer since 2019

I reccomend VanVleet (and Erie) every time anyone is talking about insurance!Customer since 2011

Your price is unbeatable.Heather R., customer since 2020

Our family entrusts the VanVleet staff with our insurance needs. We have not been disappointed and continue to refer friends and family. Explanations are clear and representatives are always professional and supportive.David K., customer since 2016

Valerie monitors my policy to ensure I’m getting the right coverage at the best price.Customer since 2018

When we have questions we get answers on a timely basis.Customer since 1988

Questions are always answered promptly. I had never had homeowners claim until recently. Everything was super smooth and quickMatt B., customer since 2016

Every time I contact the VanVleet office I get a prompt, easy to understand response.Customer since 2000

Valerie was very helpful and made sure I understood my policy. My brother Jerry recommended her and for that I am thankful.Tina W., customer since 2020

prompt competent service . i feel like you look out for my best interest rather than just selling me something.Robert B., customer since 2015

I like the On The Spot Service, whether I am paying a Bill or Need Help!Customer since 1992

Brad always makes us feel like we are his only client and he gets back to us quickly.Customer since 2004

Van Vleet customer service is top notch! Van Vleet has always taken care of our needs for any claims or questions. We’ve been with Van Vleet for 15+ years and look forward to another 15. We also love that they are local in case we need to drop in.Matt H., customer since 2004

We were involved in a collision that totaled our car. The claims team with Erie in VanVleet insurance were second to none. We received prompt competent service to and including the replacement of our car.James M., customer since 2001

Made buying insurance easy to understand. Kept his word when he said he would call back with my quote. Got me the best product for my money!Wendy C., customer since 1996

Always great service and good prices.Steve H., customer since 2010

Brad has always gone above and beyond on everything I’ve needed. Always takes the time to call me back and figure out what I need done.Customer since 2015

Valerie was great in all aspects. Thank you!Staci S., customer since 2020

I have been with VanVleet for decades and I appreciate the consistent service and attention to small details. I highly recommend the agency and its friendly staff!Customer since 1984

Very helpful but followed up with me when it had been a while.Customer since 2020

VanVleet insurance has been easy to work with and very understanding. They talk with me through any of my needs. They are clear and make sure I understand what is ifferedCustomer since 2016

We have counted on VanVleet for over 30 years and they have never let us down!Sally J., customer since 1990

Took the time to meet with us individually in our home, and have the background to understand our lifestyle/industry. Valerie is also willing to communicate with us in multiple ways (texts,emails, phone calls) and is always available!Kristen W., customer since 2019

VanVleet offers extremely competitive rates but also offers extraordinary customer service. Valerie is always very quick to respond and is very helpful. I do not hesitate to refer them to friends and customers.Tracey J., customer since 2018

I love your customer service and I feel confident that we have the right products to cover our business needs.Rebecca G., customer since 1995

good people who I can trustDaniel S., customer since 2014

Your agent looked for the best deal for me and the friendliness of everyone in the office.Nancy B., customer since 2003

The woman I spoke with was very friendly and answered my questions in a knowledgeable way.Customer since 2002

VanVleet has handled my personal and business insurance needs for several years. They have always been quick to respond and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Brad and his team!Andy F., customer since 2002

A-OKJames B., customer since 2001

Always responds quickly! Excellent customer service!!Christa M., customer since 2003

good peopleCustomer since 2003

I have been with VanVleet insurance for over 16 years and the service is exceptional and we are treated like any customer could ever ask for. We never have to wait, we are treated with kindness and respect, and we are always given a feeling of safety with the VanVleet family.Joe G., customer since 2002

We have always received fast service from VanVleet Insurance. We feel like this insurance company has a family approach to dealing with their customers. Richmond should be proud of the service that they give to their hometown.Customer since 2002

We have had VanVleet insurance for many years and very much appreciate the “family” style service model! Keep up the great work!Jason M., customer since 2002

We have been customers for almost 23 years. Eric, Brad, and the rest of the crew have been awesome! Our go to place for insurance! The customer service is outstanding! We receive mail from other companies, however, we will continue with VanVleet….. our hometown favorite.Donald O., customer since 1998

Great customer service!Kathy C., customer since 2001

Personal service, expert advice and very competitive pricesMark C., customer since 1989

We were with VanVleet Insurance forever. Unfortunately their main company, Erie, did not write insurance in our new state. I would never have changed otherwise. We had received nothing but outstanding service from the professionals at VanVleet Insurance. They are the best. Give them a call.Gary R., customer since 1984

Outstanding Customer Service. We are always taken care of with VanVleet Insurance!Thomas F., customer since 1998

We greatly appreciated your office helping us save money on our Medicare supplement insurance plans. Thank you. We enjoyed the savings all year!Customer since 1991

You answered my questions and made it easy to get insurance for our group.Customer since 2000

Your company will always get back to me with answers to my questions, which is very important to me and other consumers, also Valerie and Brad and all other agents take care of people I refer to to them. Great service. Rob Johnson Jenkins Real Estate.Robert J., customer since 1992

You took care of everything after our daughter had an accident and after w tree fell on our new vehicle. We have recommended you to many others.Customer since 2016

Your staff is always very pleasant to work with. Every time we come in to look over our policies, we all most always leave with more coverage, for all most the same price, if not cheaper. And we appreciate the hometown feel. And we highly recommend Vanvleet. We have been customers for 25 plus years, and plan on staying customers for many more years. Clint & Phyllis ManlovePhyllis M., customer since 1999

Personal, efficient, and effective. Brad got the job done!Customer since 2019

We have been with VanVleet for over 30 years for our personal and business insurances. Always easy to work with, very knowledgeable. I have priced checked our insurance a few times over the years and every time, the potential new agent comes back and says “We can’t touch the rates you’ve got.” —–Debi BrimDeborah B., customer since 1992

My agent has always worked to find me the best deal with the most coverage and has been quick to respond to questions that I’ve had about my coverages.Justin D., customer since 2019

Brad Clark made getting my new home insurance very easy! He is always willing to help and send me things over again when I accidentally deleted the email. Always greeted me with a smile and was very pleasant to work with!Rachel P., customer since 2000

I have been a satisfied customer for 20+ years. I moved away from Richmond 10+ years ago but kept my policies with Van Vleet because of their exceptional customer service. On more than one occasion they provided guidance that helped me get the best possible value from their services, which is something that I believe sets them apart as an insurance provider.David S., customer since 1993

Personal, quick service. I have been a customer for over 30 years. Valerie is the best ever! Eric and Brad run a first rate company.Thomas P., customer since 1988

Get out COI in a timely manner Any claims have always been handled in a professional manner.Customer since 2013

I have been with Van Vleet for 20 plus years. I have always received the top treatment possible. Always quick responses to any questions. I have vehicle, home and business insurance with Van Vleet. I have sent several family members and friends to Van Vleet.Chris L., customer since 2001

VanVleet Insurance has been a top notch provider of insurance for my family. I definitely feel protected with my coverage and enjoy the hometown feel. Brad has always been available and prompt to respond to any questions or concerns I have. I couldn’t have asked for a better insurance provider. Jason M BurdetteJason B., customer since 2011

Stevens Wire Products Inc. has been received top notch service and competitive prices from VanVleet Insurance for over 30 years. VanVleet has been by our side during several past emergencies including fire damage, flooding, and electrical upgrades. One call to a VanVleet sales representative and within hours we have a person ready to help us create a plan to move forward from any unexpected catastrophe.Frank L., customer since 1984

We have been loyal customers of VanVleet Insurance even before I went to work for them…something I did for nineteen years! I learned so much about the insurance business and learned so much about the quality and care that different agencies offer their clients….my experience made me proud of being a part of such an outstanding agency that represented outstanding Insurance companies…one being Erie Insurance! They pride themselves on their customer service as well they should!! Now we are customers and we still feel like family! Deborah Harlan…former Claims Department employee.James H., customer since 1985

Had some house insurance problems and Jonathan took care of them promptly and efficiently. Not too mention truck insurance claim too.Charles S., customer since 1987

I have been with Erie Insurance through VanVleet Insurance for many years. Valerie Huffman is an excellent agent! she always has an answer for any questions. VanVleet and Erie has always been there for all my personal insurance needs.John R., customer since 2008

VanFleet insurance is great. They have our home, auto & healthcare. We have been with them for over 20 years. They works with you to find the best prices possible, and they always have us come in once a year for a insurance review to see if they can save us money. They are more than a insurance company.Raymond K., customer since 1000

I will say Brad Clark is one of the best. No matter what I need he is there to answer my questions and has made doing business with VanVleet easy. A great company and I am pleased with my results. Thanks Brad.Mark S., customer since 1995

Great to work with and fast replies to my questions.Customer since 1992

The fact that we have worked with Van Vleet Agency for over 20 years speaks volumes about the relationship we have built with them. Their professional yet friendly approach to servicing our account is very much appreciated. We look forward to doing business with them for many years to come.Peggy L., customer since 1999

How would I describe my experiences withVanVleet Insurance? Maybe like this: Friendly and accurate service. Quick response to questions – big or small. A strong supporter of not-for-profits. One of the great assets in our community….a family business that CARES about our future. If you’ve not talked with anyone from VanVleet about your insurance needs….you need to! Mary R.Mary R., customer since 2015

Van Vleet agents have always responded with immediate friendly and knowledgeable assistance. Any claims we have had were handled promptly without question. We appreciate the friendly, professional treatment we receive anytime we call. Bob SutliffBob S., customer since 1994

I would like to say this insurance group is always helpful and the level of professionalism is wonderful . Like to personally thank Brad Clark he is a wonderful young man and works hard.Marvin G., customer since 2010

Never have had any issues with them in all the years they have been my agent.Customer since 2016

I like the personal service and attention to detail.Jerry L., customer since 1988

Service when I bought a home was outstanding. Also, when I wanted to switch companies, service was great. Both services were handled by Valerie Huffman.Carla D., customer since 1992

You are always on top of things and communicate what you need to get things done.William C., customer since 2014

We appreciate the customer service we receive from Van Vleet. Val is always ready to help every time we need her.Customer since 2016

When needed, your response to questions and insurance actions have always been spot on.Ronald R., customer since 1987

Valerie always takes care of my needs.Matt W., customer since 1319

Always returns calls and answered questions.Customer since 2016

You have always taken care of my claims quickly and problem free.Thomas S., customer since 2019

I have been with Van Vleet the day you opened. I like a office that take’s care of me. Everyone is so friendly. When I stop in. I feel welcome. You have always taken care of me. I put my trust in your company.And the people who work with you. Love the party’s.That is a way of saying Thank you. Show’s you care. Great Job..Wanda M., customer since 2009

Valerie always takes excellent care of our insurance needs. She’s very willing to help with any questions or changes on our policies. Excellent customer service. I highly recommend Vanvleet insurance and Valerie for all your insurance needs.Tricia F., customer since 1993

I have found that Brad, and the agency in general, is very responsible to the needs of their customers. From questions I have had, the response is very quick. I have several policies included in my overall plan.Gary C., customer since 1989

This is a great company. I have been with them for years. Their rates are reasonable and their staff is friendly and helpful. Their coverage is excellent.Mary T., customer since 2010

First off we have been insured with Erie Insurance for 42 years and having VanVleet Insurance as our agent for many of those years. As a home owner with a few vehicles this is a comforting team to have behind us! The VanVleet team is very forward thinking with any and all insurance needs. Their personal attention to customer service has always made us feel very well taken care of. Watching the VanVleet team grow in our community is very reassuring and tells us they are here to stay, that’s important. Any insurance needs or questions are quickly met with a cordial reply because they know how to care for their clients. Insurance needs can be a scary search but we know with Brad’s team helping we will not be mislead. Very glad VanVleet Insurance is here for us, they are the best! Randy and Carrie KolentusRandy K., customer since 1984

I’ve been with you over 20 years and have been satisfied.Customer since 1997

Always friendly, knowledgeable and responsive!Matt H., customer since 1996

Whether its at home or my business It’s the personal customer service I have always received, and the competitive pricing that has kept us with VANVLEET and ERIE INSURANCE for over 25 years.Customer since 1986

When we hit a couple of deer with our Motor coach, you guys were great about getting it fixed correctly and timely.William S., customer since 1992

Good serviceJeff B., customer since 1994

The service is always prompt and professional. I know I can trust the guidance that I receive from VanVleet Insurance!Valerie S., customer since 1993

They are always on top of things and actually treat you like a person! Their prices are cheaper than most around, and will try to get you the best deal.Customer since 2015

I feel we get the best pricing for any and all of our insurance needs and the staff there are very friendly, polite and helpful. We have recommended VanVleet Insurance to anyone that asked us about insurance.Michael H., customer since 2009

We have recommended VanVleet insurance to several people after switching all of our insurance policies last summer. We loved the various options and how they were explained to us. Brad was very specific and patiently explained every option. We felt like our policies were specifically designed for us. AND we saved money in the long run with better coverage.Joyce D., customer since 2019