Lemonade Day – Sunday, May 15, 2016

by | Apr 7, 2016

Lemonade Day Wayne County is Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs.

Lemonade Day will be Sunday, May 15th.  Our agency looks forward to supporting the young entrepreneurs every year.  This year, Kelly VanVleet, is mentoring two fifth grade classes at Seton Catholic Intermediate.  The fifth graders are learning what it means to be an entrepreneur by setting saving, spending, sharing & learning goals.  They have already recruited a business partner and are now working on talking to investors.  They will be creating a business plan, learning about advertising, and budgeting.  Soon they will be ready to set up shop on Sunday, May 15th.  Please support the Seton Fifth Grade and all the other students in our community that will be participating in starting their own business on Lemonade Day.  I bet we’ll have a stand in our parking lot here at VanVleet Insurance (hint. hint. hint)!!