VanVleet Insurance Awarded Honorable Mention

by | Sep 12, 2013

Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce presented its 12th annual Community Improvement Awards at First English Lutheran Church in Richmond on Thursday, September 12th.  More than 100 people were in attendance.  The Chamber was impressed by the number of projects eligible for this year’s awards.

VanVleet Insurance Agency was one of the nine businesses and schools that received certificates of Honorable Mention.

VanVleet Insurance Agency was recognized for our relocation to 1 Glen Miller Parkway.

Eric VanVleet stated, “We know that service and satisfaction are what bring people back to VanVleet Insurance, but our first appearance is always what sets the stage.  We are proud of our agency and it’s accomplishments over the last 32 years.  Our new building shows the community that we are thriving and ready to take on the next 32 years! ”